Bottlenecking is described as "A point or an area of traffic congestion". This perfectly describes what happens when kids get to multiplication with Whiz Quizzes. Where do they bottleneck? At the 3's and the 4's!

I know some of you are already frustrated with these facts. You work and work and they just don't get past. Have no fear! It is not just your child. They all do it. In fact, research shows that these sets of facts are the hardest facts of all! More than half of our Fearsome Fifteen Facts have 3's and 4's in them. 

They are hard, but you can help your child. Count by the number they are on constantly. I told the kids to count by them every time they walk. 3, 6, 9, 12...each time they take a step! Counting by is the fastest way to figure out a fact when they don't automatically know the answer. 

The other thing is to tell them to skip the ones they do not know and come back to it!
There is no sense in one problem causing them to miss everything. If they move on, then they might only have to practice one or two of facts instead the whole set!

Hope this helps!